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Florida Institute of Technology is a university which is mostly specialised in science and technology and have for mission to provide high-quality education to a culturally diverse student body in order to prepare them for work life. The university has researchers in various fields (Enginery, Innovation, Space, …) who share the same objective: make a change for the planet and all its inhabitants. Ondrej Doule is Assistant Professor at Florida Institute of Technology. He will take part in the Space Summit conference as guest speaker, on May 15th afternoon, to share his point of view about “Human Spaceflight Concepts and Terrestrial Sustainability”. Discover more about him below.

Dr. Doule is appointed assistant professor at the Human Centered Design Institute at Florida Institute of Technology. He was awarded NASA National Innovation Award as a co-investigator and FIT’s principal investigator on the NASA funded project Integrated DISPLAY and environmental awareness system led by NASA Kennedy Space Center (2015-2017). As a Head of the Human Spaceflight Laboratory, he is leading the design and development team for the Adaptive Spaceship Cockpit Simulator. He is a founder, co-investigator of the FP7 funded international research project, a Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments. He is active as a traditional terrestrial architect in his free time.

Dr. Doule previously conducted two missions at the Mars Desert Research Station, where as commander of Crew 135 and 154 he led teams of scientists and outreach specialists in successful missions. Prior to accepting his current position at Florida Tech, Dr. Doule chaired the Space and Society department at the International Space University, Strasbourg, France where he led space architecture research, academic activities and co-coordinated a number of international and interdisciplinary team projects.

During his doctoral research, he performed his internship at NASA Ames Research Center focusing on Martian Base architecture. His concept design of a suborbital spacecraft interior Silverbird won an Arthur C. Clarke Foundation prize for a unique contribution to the safety of human spaceflight. Dr. Doule is also active in space architecture outreach. Several of his activities are coordinated through a virtual innovation studio and online design platform called Space Innovations. His research focuses on the theory of design, design methods, and architecture with particular focus on extreme environments. Main incentives for his research and outreach activities are innovative transfer, integration and application of new space and terrestrial design methods and technologies; and the integration of space, aerospace and terrestrial domain, to enable faster and more effective project development.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Architecture in Extreme Environments from the Czech Technical University Faculty of Architecture in 2010, his M.Sc., Master of Science in Space Management, from the International Space University in 2008, and his M. Arch., Master in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Czech Technical University Faculty of Architecture in 2006. Currently he is concluding his doctoral studies at FIT in area of cognitive and physical human system integration during human spaceflight graduating in August 2018.