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SES Techcom Services is a 100% owned affiliate of SES (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG), the world-leading satellite operator with a fleet of over 50 geostationary satellites. We provide integrated end-to-end satellite solutions and operational services tailored to our customers’ needs worldwide through the design and delivery of ground infrastructure and operational services, VSAT networks, broadband connectivity and turnkey teleport solutions.

Innovation is the driving force behind SES Techcom Services’ continued success, whether in the field of next generation satellite buses and payloads, automated satellite operations, high performance satellite networks or pioneering ePlatforms.


Throughout the last few years, we are incredibly proud to have instigated and worked on a broad range of forward-looking products and services that showcase our dedication to continually innovate. From global flight surveillance via space-based ADS-B to the development of satellite laser communications, we are at the forefront of 21st century technology.


Our state-of-the-art products and services also provide essential emergency communications in the wake of natural disasters through our role in, while SATMED, our e-health extension of the multilayer platform, is delivering improved public health in emerging and developing countries, connecting remote and rural hospitals to larger facilities for ease of record sharing and eLearning.


Our innovative mindset goes beyond technology and is also applied to the way we set up partnerships and commercial agreements, and open new markets for our customers. Most recently this has been employed in the creation of SATLAS, a new business incubator for Satcom applications.


SATLAS has been created as a way of helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and academic institutions take inventive ideas and transform them into successful, workable applications. The scheme will be presented and explained in further detail at SES Techcom Services’ stand ([STAND INFO]) at Space Forum.
Co-funded under European Space Agency’s ARTES 3 – 4 SATCOM – APPS programme, SATLAS is designed to support innovators with limited or no access to their own terrestrial network in the design, development and testing of potential new satellite applications and services.


SATLAS makes it possible to become a part of the incubation process, enabling your idea to take shape, become established and verified and eventually developed as part of a new generation of SATCOM applications.
The programme will support innovative ICT services ideas proposed by entrepreneurs from the ground up, combining the business and technical resources of SES Techcom Services and our consortium partners – Newtec and SatADSL – to support innovators in the design, development and testing of their products.


Once involved in the incubator, innovators will be able to run an extended test of their idea which will be fully supported by the resources and services of these companies, including broadband platforms and terminals, hardware, software and technical assistance and training.


The SATLAS incubator offers varying levels of service support, all entirely dependent on the needs of the individual user. From the use of training documents and videos available on the SATLAS web portal right through to direct help desk support from the operator, ISP or manufacturer, SATLAS can provide all the help innovators need to take their ideas forward.


Following the pilot stage, SATLAS will further evaluate each developed idea and propose a roadmap for its future development, proposing ESA ARTES projects where suitable, as well as joint ventures and partnerships if the application is ready to be commercialised.


All it takes is one idea to start something special. If you think that you have something that could – with the right assistance – be transformed into the next great Satcom offering, then please come to see us at Stand [STAND NUMBER] at Space Forum, or get in touch by email at satlas [at] ses [dot] com.