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By XPRIZE on October 21, 2015

Image: Moon Express CEO Bob Richards and Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck .

Google Lunar XPRIZE team Moon Express has announced a launch services contract with Rocket Lab USA for not just one, but a series of 5 launches, with two launches manifested in 2017. Under the terms of the Google Lunar XPRIZE extension to 2017, Moon Express has until the end 2016 to submit their official Notification of Launch Contract to XPRIZE Foundation for verification and approval of the contract to remain in the competition.

“We are building a real business,” said Moon Express CEO Bob Richards. “We wanted to be in a situation where we are continually adding new capabilities with every launch and provide easy and affordable access to  the Moon using our innovative spacecraft designs.”

The launches will be carried out by Rocket Lab’s innovative Electron rocket, which the company describes as “small, fast and agile,” with the capability to deliver small satellites to commercial orbits at a “95 percent reduction in cost over the average launch of today.” Recently, NASA announced the award of a $6.95M Venture Class Launch Services contract to Rocket Lab …


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