Programme - Space Forum
Services to benefit Agriculture, Transportation & IoT

Master of Ceremony: Dr Jason Maroothynaden, Specialist in investor and finance relations, European Space Agency (ESA)

Services to benefit transportation and IoT

09:00 Using Space: towards a sustainable future by Ian Freeman, Associate Programme Officer, UNOOSA
09:15 Insights on the Galileo programme by Paul Flament, Head of the Unit, European Commission
09:35 Benefits robotics will bring to space, transportation and the future of mobility by Rob Coneybeer, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Shasta Ventures
09:50 Presentation by Earthlab

Meet & share session – Insights from entrepreuneurs in the Space industry

10:05 Alexandre Tisserant,CEO, Kinéis “KINEIS, a new key player in the New Space Race, is launching the first European constellation of nanosatellites. Global connectivity (IoT) is now at your fingertips”

10:20 Marco Villa, CEO,Tyvak

10:30 Omar Qaise, CEO & Founder, OQ TECHNOLOGY

10:40 Project Moon Hut – Accelerating the Earth-Space Ecosystem and the Promise of Hope for Earth’s Future by David Goldsmith, President and Co-founder, the Goldsmith Organization

11:00 – 11:30 Break & Expo

11:30 Convergence session “The place where Digital, Tech & Science converge” in the FinTech Room of ICT Spring

12:00 Round table – Space & ICT discussing 5G
Cliff Konsbruck, Director, POST Luxembourg
Dr Jason Maroothynaden, Specialist in investor and finance relations, European Space Agency.


GOVSATCOM for Defence and Security applications


09:00 Welcome words by Paul Wells, Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, GovSat
09:15 Real time? Real value! From automatic capture to automated interpretation by Benoît Deper, Founder, Aerospacelab
09:30 Offering fully secure IoT services from space by José Achache, Founder & CEO, Altyn
09:45 Round table powered by GovSat, with Hermann Ludwig Moeller, Head of Institutional and European Programmes (ESA); Carine Claeys, Head of the Space Task Force (European External Action Service); Tanja Zegers, Responsiblle for the GOVSATCOM initiative, European Commission; Christine Leurquin, VP, Institutional Relations, SES (moderator).

10:40 Break & Expo

Follow up of the conferences in the FinTech room for the official and inspirational speeches. 

11:00 Introduction of the Minister’s official talk by Carlo Thelen, Director General, Chief Economist, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
11:10 Minister’s official talk by Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg Prime Minister
11:30 AI does not exist by Luc Julia, Vice President of Innovation & CTO, Samsung Electronics, Samsung



Lunch Break
Open access to space: a view from Europe and China

13:30 Welcome words by the master of Ceremony: Jean-Jacques Dordain, Former Director-General of ESA (2003-2015), Member of the French Académie des Technologies, Chancellor of the International Space University, Advisory board member,

A view from China

13:40 Fireside chat – between Ji Wu, National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jean-Jacques Dordain
13:55 New Space in China: Micro/Nano Satellites and Commercial Space Development by Dr. Shufan Wu, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

A view from Europe

14:15 France and Space by Jean Yves Le Gall, President of the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES)
14:30 Fireside chat between Rt Hon. Lord David Willetts, Executive Chair, Resolution Foundation & former UK Minister for Universities & Science and Jean-Jacques Dordain
14:50 Open access to space by Simonetta di Pippo, Director, UNOOSA
15:05 Gas & Cryogenics : enabler of your space exploration journey by Bertrand Baratte, Director of Space Activity , Air Liquide

15:20 Break & Expo


Innovation & entrepreneurship in space: where do we stand?

15:40 Meet & share session – Insights from entrepreuneurs in the NewSpace industry:
Decentralized Infrastructure: Blockchain application in Space by Zee Zheng, CEO, SpaceChain
How to eat soup with a fork? or Micro biology research in space – the underdog of New Space Nicolas Gaume, Co-founder, Space Cargo Unlimited & Experiences & Devices Group – strategic partner relationships, Microsoft
Propulsion solutions for an agile space David Henri, CEO, Exotrail

16:25 Video from space: a new media for all humanity by Charles Black, Founder and CEO, Sen
16:40 Newspace & Innovation rules by Gregory Pradels, Founder, Newspace Factory

16:55 Round table – Investing in NewSpace with:
Joram Voelklein, Co-Founder, Cryptology Asset Group
Bulent Altan, Member of the management board, Mynaric
Dr. Manfred Krischke, Founder and CEO, cloudeo
Dr. Yang Feng, Spacety

17:20 From Mission Control as a Service to Autonomous Ground Communications by Silver Lodi, CEO & co-founder, Spaceit

Big Data and the business of Space data

Master of Ceremony: EY

13:45: Big Data and the business of Space Data by Olivier Lemaire, Partner, EY

14:00 The new Space Data Race: Dream or Reality by Arthur Sauzay, Space policy expert, Institut Montaigne
14:15 How Luxembourg promotes space and goes digital by the Luxembourg Space Agency’s CEO, Marc Serres
14:30 Ground Stations as the Intelligent Edge for Space Data by Rani Hellerman – VP of International Business, RBC Signals
14:50 Galileo as a multi-purpose source of space-generated big data by Omar Valdes, Market Development Officer, European GNSS Agency
15:05 Keynote speech by Dr Jason Maroothynaden, Specialist in investor and finance relations, ESA

15:20 Break & Expo

15:40 Digital tools for space data exploitation by Stéphane Chéchin, Global Account Executive Space, Atos
15:55 Small satellites, Big data! by Rafael Jorda Siquier, Founder & CEO, OpenCosmos
16:10 Environmental applications of Big Space Data by Carlos Lopez-Martinez, Head of Remote Sensing and Natural Resources Modelling group, LIST