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Over the last 18 months we’ve been in the privileged position of having a panoptic view of all the innovation that is happening within the SpaceTech ecosystem. We’ve identified more than 1,500 investment opportunities and have used our Seraphim Space Index to track c.250 SpaceTech companies that have raised venture funding. What we’ve learned from this unrivalled insight is the breadth and depth of innovation that’s happening within the SpaceTech ecosystem is far richer than many people realise.

We’ve captured the true extent of this innovation in our own Seraphim SpaceTech Ecosystem Market Map. This gives an easily digestible reference for players within both the SpaceTech and Venture Capital communities.

We hope it paints a clearer picture of what is in our view a still nascent, but nonetheless thriving ecosystem. Although ‘New Space’ may yet have reached a true inflection point, we believe the richness of this burgeoning ecosystem is indicative of what we see as being a multi-decade, macro trend. View the